Held on Saturday and Sunday, June 1-2 at Hangman Valley Golf Course, 30 players competed. Congrats to overall champion Jason Huff of Bryden Canyon for his gross score of 145. Here are the names of the top winners and link to full results.

Championship Gross: 1. Jason Huff of Bryden Canyon Golf Club (145)
Championship Net: 1. Ben Nelson of Esmeralda Golf Course (143)
First Flight-Gross: 1. Ian Wiks of Downriver Golf Course (150)
First Flight-Net: 1. Bryan Romey (135)
Second Flight- Gross: 1. Joshua Allen of Hangman Valley Golf Course (171)
Second Flight- Net: 1. Eugene Burgess of Hangman Valley Golf Course (137)
Senior Flight- Gross: 1t. Bob Christensen of Coeur D’alene Resort and Rick Pavey of Hangman Valley (143)
Senior Flight- Net: 1. Steve Adams of Hangman Valley (126)
Click here for the full results with GGID#hvam2019